Donate to the worker solidarity fund!

Frontline workers in every industry face increased risk of COVID-19 infection to themselves and their families. We are out there every day risking our lives, helping our communities stay fed while earning low wages. We fear that if we speak out for increased hazard pay, sick leave or better safety precautions, we will lose the jobs we rely on because we dared to ask for appropriate compensation.

We need your help right now, which is why RAN is launching a Worker Solidarity Fund to support those workers who lose their jobs because they chose to speak truth to power, or who need support while contesting stolen wages.

RAN will offer honouraria and grants to workers so that they can join our organizing team in the fight for workplace justice and meet their basic needs when persecuted for demanding fair treatment.

The COVID-19 crisis highlights the need for change but also an opportunity for seizing it; frontline workers don’t just need better pay now – they need it at all times.

Join us in the call to end workplace inequalities and deliver both justice and direct financial support to impacted grocery store workers. Pitch in to the solidarity fund now!

To get support, contact us here.