Here is how an employer gets a good grade in each of our 6 categories.


A high scoring employer structures their business model with their worker’s  well-being in mind. They pay all overtime hours, never ask their workers to work ‘off the clock’, and pay at least $15 an hour.

Reasonable Expectations:

A high scoring employer clearly and honestly communicates the ins and outs of their workplace. They are proactive in providing job training, equal opportunities for promotions and a paid break during each shift. They dont require workers to “look” a certain way or suppress their emotions


A high scoring employer works hard to provide stable hours. They provide 2 weeks notice for new schedules and never put workers ‘on call’. They recognise that workers have complex lives outside of their jobs and allow them to book time off.


A high scoring employer provides all workers (including part-time) with meaningful benefits so workers can feel secure. These benefits include: dental coverage, paid vacation, paid sick days, staff discounts and stat holiday pay.


A high scoring employer protects their workers from discrimination and harassment with a proactive policy that is communicated before issues arise. Mental and physical health concerns are accommodated and everyone has the right to refuse unsafe work. Uniforms are not gendered.

Workplace Justice:

A high scoring employer is open to input from workers and never gets in the way of them collaborating to improve their working conditions. They post the Employment Standards Laws in the workplace and never put workers on a 3-month ‘probationary period’.

How are grades calculated?

Employer’s grades are based on how their worker has responded to our 30 question survey. We use a true or false survey where the boss gets one point for each statement that is true.

In order for a worker to be able to grade their boss they need to have:

  1. worked at that workplace within the last 12 months.
  2. worked at a location in Victoria, BC.
  3. do work that is related to retail or food service.

Grading scheme

Overall Grade

We have 6 categories with 5 questions each, summing to a score out of 30.











Individual Category Grades

Each category is graded out of 5. The categories are Wages, Expectations, Scheduling, Benefits, Safety and Workplace Justice.

F 1/5 or 0/5

D 2/5

C 3/5

B 4/5

A 5/5