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Victory! BC Employers Can No Longer Steal Tips From Their Staff

VICTORIA, BC - After years of raising awareness about the prevalence of “tip theft” in BC, Retail Action Network is celebrating a victory for workers across the province. The BC Government today announced legislation to ensure that a worker’s gratuities are protected under the Employment Standards Act. Tip theft has become a common occurrence in BC, and takes place in small businesses as well as corporate franchises. While it is…
Retail Action Network
April 29, 2019
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Our Proposed Legislation for the BC Government

Tips or Gratuities – Model Legislation Proposals Retail Action Network, in collaboration with the Employment Standards Coalition, are calling on the BC Government to introduce legislation that will protect tips for workers. Current Legislation: The only reference to employee gratuities in the Employment Standards Act is under Part 3 - Wages, Special Clothing and Records in Section 21 regarding deductions not permitted from employee's wages: (2) An employer must not…
Retail Action Network
April 16, 2019