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Presenting Precariousness in Victoria

During the month of May, Retail Action Network organiser, Stefanie Hardman, spoke with the media about the report she spearheaded "Part-time, Poorly paid, Unprotected: Experiences of Precarious Work in Retail, Food Service, and Hospitality in Victoria, BC" which was released earlier in the month. This media attention provided an opportunity for the broader public to hear more about the experiences of precarious working conditions that workers in retail, food service, and…
Robyn Karina
June 8, 2016
Press Release

Part-time, Poorly Paid, and Unprotected

Spring 2016, VIPIRG (Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group) has been working with the Retail Action Network on a community-based research project that documents the experiences of precarious work in Retail, Food Service, & Hospitality in Victoria, BC. In this research, our goal was to hear directly from workers in the retail, food service, and hospitality industries about the types of workplace conditions and issues they face. Until now, little…
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BC’s Minimum Wage Leaves Workers Feeling like Fools

This April Fools' Day, BC has the lowest minimum wage in Canada, leaving minimum wage workers feeling like fools. Last Friday, New Brunswick lifted its minimum hourly wage to $10.65, leaving BC's minimum wage workers struggling at $10.45 per hour (or $9.20 per hour for liquor servers). While BC's low minimum wage affects over 120,000 workers across the province, minimum wage workers in BC no longer fit the commonly held…
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Retail Action Network launches Fall of 2015

The Retail Action Network is a new project that has just launched in Lekwungen Territory, also known as Victoria, BC.  We are bringing together retail workers and labour activists to turn the tide in the relationship between workers and their employers in the service sector. Clearly, retail and service sector work is undervalued in comparison to other industries in our community when we look at the consistently low wages, the…
Retail Action Network
October 18, 2015