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Server Demands Apology from Swans Brewpub Management

K.J. reached out to the Retail Action Network shortly after an incident that occurred at Swans Brewpub. K.J. let us know that she had been intimidated and bullied by a couple of the managers; we decided to help her out. Help K.J. get an apology from the Swans Brewpub management, and to introduce policy against harassment and intimidation. Swans is owned by the University of Victoria. Please read the details…
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September 13, 2016
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The Wild Coffee Campaign

From the Beginning In early January, organisers from the Retail Action Network met up with Shea, a barista from downtown Victoria’s Wild Coffee. She let us know that she was removed from the schedule, and was unable to get her last paycheque from her employer, Marla Donaldson. Since the Retail Action Network first began, we had heard stories from retail and hospitality workers from across the region that had regularly…
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Meeting the Ministry

This month, organisers with the Retail Action Network met with the BC Ministry that is responsible for making changes to the Employment Standards Act. This meeting was brought together by the Employment Standards Coalition which is made up of a broad range of organizations that are fighting for justice with those that are most at risk of being exploited in the workplace: migrant workers, domestic workers, working children and youth,…

Grant’s Law: The Fight for Grant DePatie & Isolated Overnight Workers Continues

Grant DePatie was killed on March 8, 2005, due to a gas and dash incident when he was working alone as an gas station attendant. This tragedy shone light on the fact that workers alone in their workplace face greater risks of experiencing violence. For two years after his violent death, Grant's father and grandfather campaigned with their unions and the B.C. Federation of Labour to get new WorkSafeBC regulations…
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BC’s Minimum Wage Leaves Workers Feeling like Fools

This April Fools' Day, BC has the lowest minimum wage in Canada, leaving minimum wage workers feeling like fools. Last Friday, New Brunswick lifted its minimum hourly wage to $10.65, leaving BC's minimum wage workers struggling at $10.45 per hour (or $9.20 per hour for liquor servers). While BC's low minimum wage affects over 120,000 workers across the province, minimum wage workers in BC no longer fit the commonly held…
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VICTORY: Barista Receives Unpaid Wages from Wild Coffee

After working for the past 3 months at Wild Coffee, Shea is demanding money for missing wages, which her employer is refusing to pay. On February 1st, 2016, Shea along with a group of 35 members and supporters of the Retail Action Network marched into Wild Coffee, and read out her demands for missing and unpaid wages. The total amount for this claim is $498.42   Timeline: On February 1st,…