Rebar Modern Food – current grade is a D. They scored 45% on our survey.

Website: https://www.tourismvictoria.com/eat-drink/restaurants-cafes/rebar-modern-foodhttp://rebarmodernfood.com/

2 submission received for this restaurant.






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  • Jake says:

    Rebar was notorious in the 90’s for hiring people and promising full-time work and then letting them go in the off season. This happened to me – I was let go when the boss’s sister showed up and needed work. I was sitting in another restaurant discussing what had happened, and the waiter interrupted and said – “let me guess – it was Rebar”. The same thing had happened to him, and he knew of other people with similar stories. I don’t know if the restaurant is still owned by the same guy as it was in the mid 90s. If it is, I would stay clear of this workplace. In this era of low unemployment there is no need to subject yourself to this type of mistreatment.

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