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Workplace Justice

Worker Comments

What are some challenges you face because of your wage?

“Overtime never paid.”

Do you have an example of an unreasonable expectation your employer has put on you at work?

“No holidays , no over time pay and tip out was to given on agreed time.”

What challenges do you face with your work schedule?

“Employer would ignore employees phone calls and emails .”

“______never provided a schedule. We were constantly on call for months and expected to work overtime or split shifts, only finding out the day of.”

What would receiving a living wage with benefits mean for you?
“Overtime not paid. No direct deposit.No employee benefits.”
What makes you feel safe or unsafe or uncomfortable at work?
“Employees hour would be cut if they questioned employer.”

“When I burned my hand, I was sent to the store to buy burn cream – there was none in the first aid kit. I never got reimbursed.”

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