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Workplace Justice

Worker Comments

What are some challenges you face because of your wage?

“We were promised several raises that never made it far enough down the chain to reach the Sales Ambassadors.

When bringing up concerns over wage, we were told that bonus would supplement our earnings. When pointing out that bonus is just that, a bonus, and not reliable income – we were told that the company takes good care of its higher-ranked employees and that we should just stick it out. However, promotions were given to those that management liked personally, not those who excelled at their jobs. The whole system was unfair and clearly not made for the lowest ranking staff.

While we did receive bonus, the bonus was relatively small and not significant for sales ambassadors.

Part of their selling point, to justify their prices, is that all employees are paid a living wage. I was shocked when I discovered the starting wage was only 45 cents over minimum wage.

I had to limit myself to one to two meals a day while working nearly full-time hours – management just said: “yeah, that’s hard”.

Other coworkers on social assistance while employed because they couldn’t afford to eat and pay rent.

Raises were not handed out when promised and management showed no concern – they even played innocent and said they didn’t know the minimum wage had risen in September of 2017.”

“Getting paid less than $12. Promises for raises after making past seasonal and onto senior sales (promotion through an e mail) but no change in my own raise and those who still continue to work there still do not get original promise fulfilled. “

Do you have an example of an unreasonable expectation your employer has put on you at work?

Job training was not even for all new hires, some received adequate in-depth training (though it still required studying outside of paid time), while others were thrown into the job and were left overwhelmed.

Even though room for growth was advertised to job applicants, and numerous employees expressed the desire to move up into higher roles, external hires were always taken on to fill available positions.

Workers regularly receive “you can’t be unhappy here, don’t tell anyone how you’re feeling if you aren’t feeling great” talks.

Expected to be chipper and never ask questions that challenged the management.”

“Sales before anything. I get it. But when you get disciplined for helping a trans person try new product or a mother helping a son who has severe anxiety and destroys their skin, it is in my moral values to be empathetic and kind to the customer and read their body language. I refuse to push product onto someone who deserves to be treated like a human being for once. Lush goes against what they fucking stand for. “

What challenges do you face with your work schedule?

“Schedules released less than a week before the schedule starts. Makes it impossible to make plans for days off, etc.

Conflicting information from managers – were told we would never be scheduled for less than a 5-hour shift, then later were told that that was never said and we started being scheduled for 4-hour shifts. When later pointed out that the official “minimum availability agreement” document states that all shifts would be a minimum of 5 hours, nothing was said and the document was just removed.

At least 20-hour availability required while being scheduled 4 hours a week. Made it near-impossible to work a second job, even though a second job was needed because the wage was so low.”

“I have personally not been affected. But I know of other employees who have had difficulty with their schedules and consistency. Hours dropped randomly going from full time to part time to being there only twice a week.”

What would receiving a living wage with benefits mean for you?

“Only full timers received health benefits, and only management was classified as full time (even though others were working full-time hours).

A living wage with benefits would mean the world. As a chronically ill employee, it would mean I wouldn’t have to be terrified to my future or getting by day to day.

It would mean feeding myself good food, sleeping well, and the biggest thing – I would be able to do my job better, unhindered by stress and being able to focus on the job, while feeling appreciated and valued.”

“Senior staff and bosses trained on us discrimination and bullying and not belittling mental or physical health. I quit along with many other people who felt victimized and condescending. Seen as “toxic””

What makes you feel safe or unsafe or uncomfortable at work?

HR shared conversations with my boss and blamed me for my problems.

I was told I would be fired if I fell ill again.

My boss told me that I had to speak to them before talking to HR about any issues; this was “proper” procedure (even though the writing said otherwise) and I had to follow proper procedure to keep my job.”

What does workplace justice mean to you?

“When some co-workers were extremely unhappy and were discussing their options with one another, management sat them down and told them that talking with each other about workplace issues could be classified as gossip (which is an offence they can reprimand you for), and that if anyone had a problem that had to come to management first. “

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