Koto Izakaya Japanese Restaurant’s current grade is a F. It scored 16.7 % on our survey. 

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Workplace Justice

Worker Comments

What are some challenges you face because of your wage?

“Hard to plan my life/budget when I would only get my schedule 1-2 days before the work week. Unpaid overtime including proper Stat pay.”

What challenges do you face with your work schedule?

“Would often receive the schedule the day before the work week. Never had end of shift times posted. Pressured into staying after we clocked out to do our cash out (so on unpaid time). Pressured to come in early before being paid.”

What would receiving a living wage with benefits mean for you?
“It would mean receiving at least minimal health and dental benefits and not being required to get doctor’s notes when sick.”
What does workplace justice mean to you?

“Workplace justice would mean having our needs heard and respected. Having a fair environment where you can express concerns without fear of being fired.”

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