Big Wheel Burger’s current grade is a D. It scored 53.3% on our survey.

Website: https://bigwheelburger.com/

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Workplace Justice

Worker Comments

Do you have an example of an unreasonable expectation your employer has put on you at work?

“Asked to Micromanage other coworkers. Asked to put diesel in delivery van, when they clearly tell the community that they use bio-diesel. Told to tell people that the ingredients are local; unless local includes out of province and from the states.”

What challenges do you face with your work schedule? 

“In regards to timeoff; if you have appointments or family medical issues, I think those should be honored without scrutiny.”

What does workplace justice mean to you?

“Being able to speak up and not get talked down or scrutinized for it. Or in my case…Fired!”

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