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Workplace Justice

Worker Comments

I got paid a few cents over minimum wage, which was 10.75 at the time. So I got paid 11. It was never enough, especially compared to how much I was expected to do, the nature of the work and the full time hours. Most of my wages went to rent. I also worked there for a year and I never got a raise.
My schedule was always given to me about 3-4 weeks in advance. My schedule rarely ever changed. The only problem was that no one could have weekends off regularly, which was a huge bummer. You could only book a specific weekend off.
Probably one of the only reasons why I stayed at this job as long as I did were the health benefits. If this was coupled with a wage of at least 15 dollars an hour and a bit more flexibility in scheduling, this job actually wouldn’t have been that bad.
My boss was pretty moody and sometimes he’d take his grumpiness out on his employees. If he didn’t like you or if you challenged him and in the way he liked things done around his store, he would sass you or stop talking to you and make it super uncomfortable for everyone else working there. This would go on for a while till the point that the tension would boil over and the employee would quit or get fired. This definitely happened to at least 3 of my coworkers.

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